Monday, January 3, 2011


I recently purchased this book on Amazon (click here to get it!). I got it because I love being creative - I love making things and coming up with new ways to do things... but I have simply just not been nurturing my own creativity these days. Call it busy, call it lazy... I just don't know. I just haven't really been in the mindset to be creative myself (even though I encourage it in my students everyday!) I haven't decided what one thing I want to creatively pursue this year - I want to do something everyday for an entire year. Maybe it will be a new blog... just have to decide first what to make/document!

This comes at the perfect time because I'm teaching a photography class this week - and my #1 rule (just behind paying attention and listening to directions)? BE CREATIVE. Hahah. :) I need to relearn this myself as an adult - I feel like adults sometimes lose that joy of creating something... 

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