Monday, February 16, 2009


Thinking about death always puts a pang in my heart. I have been fortunate enough to still have all my grandparents, and I think the passing of old age is a peaceful thing. To leave a legacy on this earth, to know that your life mattered.

But I've come into contact this past year with death on a real level, a personal level, on a peer-to-peer level. A dear friend of mine, who I used to talk to very often, passed away after a tragic car accident. On Valentine's Day, I read Kat's blog about her friend who was in a coma after a car accident, and learned this morning that he had passed away. What do you say when death hits you so suddenly? How do you reconcile the fact that God allowed this, but it still seems so unfair because their lives had just begun? How do I reconcile the fact that every day, mothers lose babies that they never even had the chance to hold?

What does God say about death in those situations? Is it fair? I don't think it is. I still have a really hard time coming to terms with death in these situations, and there are no easy answers. Still, my heart questions constantly. I know God is good, and He has a plan... but sometimes, life just seems too unfair for that to make sense.

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tiff pan said...

oh my goodness.were you reading about this when i went to go find you at the fishbowl today? you looked very tense but i wasn't sure why and i didn't ask either.