Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Simple Christmas

The tree that Jerry and I put up at his house. There's no ornaments on it (we couldn't find them) but we did put all sorts of lights and stuff on it. Simple, but pretty, and merry, I guess! :)

This year's Christmas wasn't super exciting as some previous Christmases have been. It was cold outside and nothing was open, so we mostly stayed indoors, watching movies (Tropic Thunder is... funny, but much more of a guy's movie), singing Christmas carols, and just chilling. Very relaxing, but still fun. Jerry's mom cooked us a feast for dinner - very Asian, but sooo delicious. It truly is the way she shows her love (through cooking) and it was really nice of them to do this for us. We bought them a huge chocolate gift basket from Harry and David and a cute puppy card. :)

It has been snowing lots this past week, but yesterday it rained and today the rain froze over, leaving ice all over the driveway... here are some pictures I got.

Really like how this one turned out!

Tomorrow, it's back to Ann Arbor, and then leaving for Chicago on Saturday! :) Exciting! Pray for a safe trip there (hope the weather won't get too bad)!

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tiff pan said...

i love the pictures you took on Christmas.: )have a great time in chicago!