Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! :) It's technically Christmas now (17 minutes past 12 AM) and I am finishing up my personal statement for Harvard University. Yeah... that in itself is a story I'll get into, but anyway! I hope you are all safe and sound, and spending time with friends or family, or both! I'm a little sad that I am not with my family this year (I'm staying at Jerry's house for now), but I am excited for the upcoming Human Flourishing conference. Still, the holidays does make you long for home, if just a little bit. I know my family is safe and sound, and healthy, and that gives me a lot of peace. :)

So, onto Harvard -- when looking into grad schools, I saw that they had a Teacher Education Program, but immediately ruled it out, because, c'mon, me, Harvard? You've got to be kidding! But as the semester went on, they kept sending me things, whether it was emails or brochures (and these were really nice ones - all color, nice packaging, etc.). Anyway, it piqued my interest again, so I looked more into it. I had been applying to schools that were known for their urban focus, and Harvard fit perfectly into what I was looking for.

Well... it was kind of late to be asking professors to write me another recommendation, especially with Christmas coming up. So I hesitantly emailed them, and told God, "Well, if no one responds or they are unwilling to, then I won't apply." Surprisingly, all three of them emailed me back within 24 hours, saying they'd be glad to write me another recommendation! Wow! It was such a fast response... so now I am applying. Everything is pretty much done - just have to work on the personal statement.

I still have no idea where I might be next year, but thank God for the opportunities that He's given me. I'm not getting my hopes up for Harvard - it is an extremely competitive program - but I can see myself at any of the schools I applied to, and whichever one that might be, I hope God shows me in time! (and soon, too... I haven't heard back from anything yet!)

So yes, this is what I wanted to share right now, and I'm off to bed. Christmas post later when I wake up! (I finally got my white Christmas - first one in my life!)

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