Monday, January 5, 2009

Here's to 2009!

I know it's already 5 days into it, but it's never too late, right? :)

I don't usually make many resolutions, because they are hard to keep, but I like to make goals for myself for the coming year. I might not always get there, but it's something for myself to strive towards. So this year, my goals are:

1. Take more pictures. I read on this professional photographer's blog (he was writing about how he got into photography) and the piece of advice someone gave him was, "Take 100,000 pictures." I've taken, maybe a couple thousand, but I can definitely work on taking more.

2. Move somewhere else - or stay in Michigan, if that's where God calls me to for graduate school.

3. Read more books. This semester should be good for doing that! (almost done reading The Shack by WM Paul Young - this needs another post in itself!)

4. Spend more time investing in others.

5. Live more green. I've already taken a lot of steps to doing so, and God's been slowly revealing to me the passion with which He loves His creation and His world. It's a broken world that we live in... largely due to our own doing. If I can do simple things (use a water bottle, buy a lunchbox, use Tupperware... just a few things I've started to do) and make a difference, I should be encouraging my friends to do so too. I'll write another post on this later as well!

6. Put the ESV Study Bible that Jerry bought me for Christmas (thanks! :D) to good use. I started reading Ephesians through it, and was just blown away by how much historical context and history I learned through reading it! I love it! It really teaches me so much more deeply about God's word. Loving it so far. :) I also encourage you guys to get this Bible - it's worth it!

7. Never stop learning. Even though I'm not in class this semester, I don't want to stop learning. I taught myself to knit two days ago, and have been trying to knit a scarf. It's going slowly, but I'm enjoying it. :) I love learning how to do new things!

That's it for now. I went back to work today - it was pretty chill. :)

Upcoming posts... Following Christ conference, The Shack, and small steps to living green.

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