Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I voted in my first American election today. Last time it was election time, I was still in high school, of age but unable to vote because I was in Taiwan. We'll see how today's election turns out! I went with Grace and Donica to the polling station at the Union at 7:15 AM this morning - we stood in line for close to an hour, and I wasn't on the list. Registered, but there was some error so I wasn't on the list, but I still got to vote (they figured something out). Phew. If I couldn't vote because of some error... that would suck a lot.

So I talked to my mom this morning after I voted, and she commented about how I haven't posted pictures online in a while. That is true... not sure why that is, but here are some photos. I've been taking lots of photos on film for my photography class this semester - maybe tha'ts why! It's been really warm recently, so I thought I would capture the last moments of fall! I love fall. :)

Our neighbors have a fiery red tree in their front yard, and I walk by it everyday. Thought I would capture the bright red leaves! I love the color.

Hope you went to vote today!

I saw this on the Diag - thought it was kinda funny!

I love fall!

My favorite picture of the leaves. :)

Random group of musicians. Gotta love Michigan! :) They were pretty good.

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