Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nutrition Class = Eating Healthier?

Ever since I've started taking Bio 105 this semester, I've been really challenged to think about how I eat. I suppose this process began with Jerry. I'm a big snacker, and love snacks like cookies, Cheez-its, and all the other goodies that go on sale at Meijer. As long as it's on sale, I'm sold, and usually bring home at least a couple boxes of snacks. However, since last year, Jerry has been harping on me about eating stuff with hydrogenated oil and trans fat. I knew they were bad... but didn't really make a change in my eating habits. I kept buying these snacks and thinking, "Well, it's just a snack..." Little did I know how bad these things are for our bodies!

So since taking Bio 105, I've been learning a lot about good fats, bad fats, good carbs, bad carbs, vitamins, and etc. I don't think any class has ever had such a huge practical impact on me. Instead of shopping at Meijer now, I've resorted to Whole Foods - I thought it'd be way expensive and that I wouldn't be able to afford the food there, but I was so wrong! They have a greater variety of healthy foods, and for great prices. With coupons (that come out every month... I cut them all out, haha) the prices are about the same as Meijer, maybe just a $1-2 cheaper. I've resorted to eating things like low-fat yogurt with pomegranate granola in the morning (sooo delicious - I've always loved buying yogurt parfaits at coffee shops, but making your own = so much cheaper!) and no more snacks for me! (except healthy ones, haha) It's been hard to transition from the way I used to eat to the way I eat now, and occasionally I'll still eat "unhealthy" foods.

The biggest change I've noticed was a change in energy - while high carb and high fat foods are readily available and perhaps cheaper and make you feel fuller, they also put me to sleep! I always wondered why I felt so sleepy in the afternoons (to the point of falling asleep in my afternoon classes) but now, it doesn't happen as much anymore. Even though I have a more rigorous schedule this semester and am waking up way earlier than I'm used to, I feel more energized compared to the past, and that's awesome! :) Eating healthy and quality food really does make a difference.


Mei-Ling said...

I am glad that you learn about the healthy food to make you wake up, that's cool, let me know more about your class. I like to learn from you.

Tiffany said...

ooo i'm thinking about taking that next semester - i'll try to catch you on gchat sometime to talk about it :)