Sunday, September 7, 2008

Senior Year Craziness

This is what part of my schedule looks like for the upcoming week:

The new planner I bought for the year can't hold that much stuff, so I've resorted to using Google calendar, which is AMAZING, by the way. It's kind of crazy. I didn't really expect senior year to be so busy, but I am enjoying it too. I'm taking the GRE in three days - at this point, I just want it to be over with and get on with other things, like school, haha.

But all stressful things aside, last night was Food, Fun, and Fellowship. It's an outreach event that my fellowship has done since my freshman year (maybe before too, but I don't know about that). We didn't have it last year, but we brought it back this year. It was so much fun. I loved meeting new people, eating good Korean food, and our game was the best (props to Kenny for coming up with the idea!). We had a mock Project Runway, and each group had to design different outfits based on a phrase. Our group got the phrase "night out on the town" and guess what - they dressed me up. Casey made me a tube dress out of a purple table cloth and put plastic wrap all around me - it was pretty funny! I had a headband, earrings, and a purse made out of blue streamers (pictures to come - you guys will get a good laugh). Each person had to walk down a "runway" and there were judges and everything. Surprisingly, I think I got the highest scores, LOL. The other ones were pretty hilarious too, though. :)

Afterwards, my roomies and I (and some other friends) had planned a surprise for one of my roommates, Pearl (it's her 24th birthday today!). So after FFF ended, everyone snuck back to my apartment to decorate and get ready, and I was in charge of stalling her. I introduced her to people and took her to Bubble Island, and she didn't suspect anything! Haha. She was pleasantly (or, maybe not) creamed by Sky and Shannon, and then surprised with a house full of friends and yummy ice cream cake. It was a very memorable night.

I'll be gone until GREs are done. Wish me luck! :)

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