Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I'm back in campus for the year! :) These past couple days have been with my family, and we took a trip to Niagra Falls. It was only a two-day trip, but it was really fun! The last time we went to Niagra Falls was right before we moved back to Taiwan... which was 12 years ago. I was 9 and my sister was 6, haha. It was fun to be there again - brought back some good memories. We drove through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York into Canada on the way there, and drove straight back through Canada on our way back. We did all the touristy things - we rode on the Maid of the Mist, which takes you pretty close to the falls, and then the next morning we went to the Journey Behind the Falls, which felt pretty much like being outside in a typhoon. In the words of my dad, "You pay $14 to get wet!" Pretty much, haha. Everything in Canada was extremely overpriced, so needless to say, my parents are happy to be back here, and so am I. Haha. Breakfast alone cost about $50 for all four of us! Yikes!

Yesterday was my sister's move-in day. She's living in East Quad and in the RC, so we moved all her stuff in and helped her set up her room. Her room is big enough so both of the girls can have their beds on the floor. Lucky! I didn't like having a loft my freshman year, but that was all we could do in that little room... but anyway, East Quad is actually pretty nice, and I hope my sister gets comfortable soon and meets a lot of people!

I took my parents to eat at a bunch of restaurants in Ann Arbor, such as:

1) Asian Legend (where I used to work)
2) Pacific Rim (where Shannon works)
3) Totoros
4) Sadako
5) Madras Masala
6) Sushi Cafe (in Briarwood Mall)
7) We also had Olive Garden with Jerry's parents.

As you can tell, it's mostly Asian! My parents are on a trip right now, but will be back on the 25th. Any other good restaurants I should take them to?

NSO stuff has started, planning and things, and I'm excited! :) There's a lot to be done, and a lot of trusting that God will grow our fellowship in many ways, but I am looking forward to meeting lots of new students!

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