Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lessons in Love

I think all of junior year, God has been refining me through challenges and struggles to strengthen my faith and to really grasp the fact that He loves me, despite everything. Despite all the times I have failed and walked away from Him, blantantly, thinking I could take care of everything, I find myself broken and on my knees at His throne time and time again, asking for forgiveness and His peace to watch over me. Time and time again, He has taken me back and transformed me into His likeness. I've had talks with Pastor Bob and Sara recently, to discuss leadership issues and last year, and although they were hard talks, I am blessed by them and their wisdom. It felt freeing to tell people about my struggles, and to let people in to help me and support me, because I know I am weak on my own. I'm not saying I'm perfect now or that I will never fail again, but God has been so good to me and really encouraging me a lot during this time of NSO and really affirming my role in the fellowship, and I just wanted to share that with you guys.

As most of you know, I am now the only small group coordinator on Core, and I've been really seeking God and asking Him how this is going to affect the small group ministry. Since I came back, there have been a few overwhelming times for me, but I've just been so encouraged by my fellowship and the returning members. I'm in charge of publicity this year for NSO, and I really had a vision of seeing all returning members come out and help out, and to lighten the load on small group leaders. We had a great turnout this year in terms of chalking! Praise God for that. Also, so many people in my class have extended their support to me, and offering to help whenever I need it. All of you have really ministered to me during this time of uncertainty, and I've been so blessed by your willingness to help me out and ultimately, help the small group ministry. I know in my heart that this year will be different from what I expected, but if I am willing, then God will bring people and help and heaps of blessings. :) I'm so excited to see what this year will bring!

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