Friday, July 18, 2008

Typhoon Weather

My family had planned on going to Kaoshiung to go white-water rafting this weekend, but because of a typhoon, we cancelled our trip. My mom decided that today would be a good day for us to go get our blood tests, so we dropped Tiff off at her driving lessons... and proceeded to drive in the pouring rain to the doctor's place. Getting out of the car was basically like taking a shower - the umbrella did nothing! The rain was coming from all directions, and we were soaked in the 5 seconds we were outside. Man, insane! We got our blood drawn, and went back to pick up Tiff. On the way home, we encountered three stretches of road that were so flooded that cars were turning back. This has never happened before, in the 8 years I lived in Taiwan, and it was actually quite scary. Some people got off their mopeds and waded across the "lake" that had sprung up in a mere half an hour of heavy rain. Luckily, my dad drives a jeep, so we got across okay.

To avoid staying at home all day, we went to watch "The Dark Knight." What an intense movie! It was a little scary and harrowing, but still very well done, although I thought they could've developed a few plot lines much better and cut down on the number of stories they were trying to do. It was a little complicated...

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