Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jerry and Mel Say "I Do", Part 1

Hi friends! So I thought it was about time I sat down and started to blog about our wedding. :)

 Jerry and I left Alexandria the Tuesday before our wedding. We drove to BWI because we decided to fly Southwest, and our flight was smooth. We got to Ann Arbor and it was pouring rain! We had forgotten an umbrella, but luckily we didn't have to be outside to get our rental car. We ended up with a black car that looked sort of like a newer Rolls-Royce. It was really long and boxy, but perfect because we had a lot of luggages! :)

We headed straight back to Ann Arbor to apply for our marriage license (we cut it close!) and meet with our coordinator at Knox to finalize our ceremony details. This was a very interesting meeting, because I had never met with the coordinator until now - everything was through email. She was very insistent about some things (candelabras - I had written we didn't need them, and we ended up with them because she said it would be pretty. It was, but she was a little pushy about it). After the meeting at Knox, we headed back to Ann Arbor and had sushi with Eunice and Irene! It was so good to see them again and for us all to sit down for a meal together.

So lucky to know these girls!
Excited to be married in a couple days!
Sadako - one of our favorite sushi places. We still crave it sometimes!

After lunch we went and checked into Webers Inn, where all of our wedding party stayed and some family, too. It was really nice. We got a room next to the pool. 

Eunice and I rested a little bit, and then we went back to campus to have dinner with my sister at Sava's! Still love their sweet potato fries :)

After that, Irene picked Eunice and I up and the three of us headed back to Webers to rest for the night. I put on my dress so they could take a look at what the bustle looked like. This was also a moment where I was praying the dress would still fit me! The last time I tried it on was at my fitting, which was half a year ago in January. Luckily, it fit perfectly! :)

Tuesday night was not quite as fun. It became the longest night ever... to be continued! 

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