Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life Lately

The best shot I have of our rings so far, from my iPhone. :)

So Jerry and I were counting... as of today, we have been married 12 days. :) We've really enjoyed newly married life so far ... there's been a lot of food:

Zucchini casserole, grilled asparagus with mushrooms, homemade mashed potatos, and fresh squeezed lemonade! Perfect dinner for a hot summer day.

Yesterday I attempted the macaroni and cheese recipe from Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Woman Cookbook". I substituted cheddar cheese with pepper jack and mozzarella for some spicy flavor, and skim milk for whole milk to make it less fatty, haha! It was delicious!
We are enjoying this season of our lives for the time that we have it. We leave for Taiwan on Saturday and I go back to work 6 days later, so summer is almost ending for me as well! I haven't started thinking much about next year yet - I know that time will come soon enough, and I just want to enjoy this time right now where we don't have a whole lot to do and can just enjoy each other.

We're big homebodies - after Jerry comes home from work, we treasure the time we can spend together at home - eating a home-cooked meal, enjoying each other's company, sometimes just cuddling and not saying a word. We are really enjoying the "togetherness" of marriage - it's new, and it's comfortable. Something I treasure deeply.

I'll be sure to take some photos of our place to post soon - it's looking more and more like home :)

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