Monday, March 21, 2011

God's Provision

So I think two entries ago, I blogged about some "official" news I had wanted to share... but I didn't share until it actually started. Here's why...

I am now working full-time at my school. :) This is another instance where it's really all God - when I first got hired on as a part-time ELL teacher, I was really positive about it (for the most part). We are planning a wedding, and I got two days off every week! However, as the weeks went on, I got a little restless. Yes, it was really nice to have days off, but not when everyone else was at work! I tried to occupy myself but ended up sometimes just wasting a whole day doing pretty much nothing. It wasn't good. I like to have time to rest but not this much time...

So about a month ago, I attended a ELL budget meeting in place of my mentor teacher (because she couldn't make it). And who sat next to me? My principal, haha! We started chatting, and she told me, "Melissa, I've been thinking about you." And I was thinking to myself, "Really?" She then went on to tell me they had gotten additional funding for reading support and she was wondering if I would be interested in filling that role for the other two days. I told her I was and I waited.

It took a couple of weeks, but God has been so good, because the original plan was to hire me as a long-time sub for the extra two days. Which I would've gladly taken, too! But it was up and down - it went from that to "Maybe we don't have enough funds" to "We need to pay you full time" and etc. I wasn't really sure if everything would work out.

Well, I just finished my third full week of work. I am amazed at God's plans. Jerry and I have been praying for this (and I know many of you have prayed for me as well!) since I got hired, but thought, "At most, it would be next year... hopefully." But it came earlier than that and I am so grateful. 

God has really been showing me the small (and big!) ways that He provides. Jerry and I have started to buy a couple things to furnish our new apartment. It's surreal to think in just three months... we will be married and living together. Wow! Time has really flown by. We have been able to snag a few really good deals from Craigslist, and while we still don't have a lot of things, it's becoming a home for us. I know once we start living in it together, it will really sink in. 

Along with other updates, we have found a church that we love in Arlington (about 10 minutes from us). It's interesting because the church was planted just last year, so it's a very new community, and even though we are technically new to the area, so is almost everyone else that we've met! We have never been in a small group together, so it was fun joining one, and I'm loving it! The women in the group had a dessert and coffee night last week, and I loved getting to know all of them and I'm hoping those relationships will just continue to blossom. It's been a while since I've felt so at home in a group, so I'm really thankful for that too.

Continuing my joy project! There have been a few days where I missed out, but I come back to it and I'm on #157 now. Going to keep doing it - it's been awesome for evaluating what really is important in life and what is not!

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