Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow in VA

Looks like I got my wish for some snow!

It started snowing today at around 9:00 AM, just as I was heading out to get my headlight replaced and new hubcaps put on (lost the back two on the drive down from Michigan). It was just a "dusting" of snow, as I would call it, but by the time I drove out to the car place, it had started coming down pretty steadily. Car stuff went quickly (thankfully!) and I had made plans to go to H-Mart to pick up groceries since Jerry's mom is coming tomorrow (and we barely had anything left in the fridge).

Probably not the best decision, but I was pretty determined to go. We also had a holiday party for staff at school today, and I wanted to bring something for people to eat. So I went. The way there was okay, but I noticed that the snow was coming down even more heavily than before.

By the time I finished grocery shopping, my car was covered in snow. The drive back, which usually takes 10-15 minutes, took an hour, and I almost slid into a sidewalk while attempting to stop at a red light. I saw 3 accidents on the way home and a sportscar sliding backwards on the road. The whole time I was driving, I was gripping the steering wheel and just praying that God would allow me to get home safely.

Back in my apartment, safe and warm. I hope the roads are all plowed by tomorrow!

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