Sunday, November 8, 2009

"The Lord looks upon your heart because it is the fountain of your life. Your heart is the core of your personality consisting of will, emotions, mind, and affections. It is the seat of government. What reigns there rules you. What fills your heart flows from your life. Transformation of your heart must take place for your life to change. How does this happen? It happens by the operation of the Holy Spirit using the Word of God. With a wholly yielded life you give yourself to meditating on the Word of God, praying for its truth to be revealed to your inner man, and obeying it in faith through all the circumstances of life. It is a process that sometimes seems painfully slow, but it is certain if you do your part because your Heavenly Father wants it for you more than you want it."
--- excerpt from today's entry from A Disciple's Notebook


I thought this was really poignant because I have found myself praying to God, "My heart wants one thing but my mind knows what's right - help me to stick to what's right." While this is true at times, I think the way the author put this is also true - what fills our hearts flows from our lives. So however we live our lives, our hearts will be like that as well. Hard to wrap my mind around it, but it makes so much sense. We all know what's right in our minds - but a true transformation of the heart and all its crevices only comes through intimacy and truly knowing and loving God day by day, and praying He will do so! :)

Will you join me in praying for a heart transformation today?