Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uncomfortable Evangelism

Strange title, huh? Let me explain...

So yesterday, my small group (South Quad) had a joint small group with Bursley. It was the strangest feeling walking into Bursley. For those of you who don't know, I co-lead a small group in Bursley (AIV's first Bursley small group, yeah!) with Brian Chen my sophomore year. I was so nervous and had never really even been to North Campus, but God taught me so much about His faithfulness that year. As long as we're willing, He will work powerfully through us. :) Anyway, it was very nostalgic walking through Bursley, remembering the times Jerry would meet me on North after class and we would eat together before sg (he wasn't in my small group, but he always ended class at 6, so we would eat together), the many DPMs we had there, and just so much more. Anyway...

Our topic yesterday was a discussion on evangelism. They showed us this video to start off:

We talked about the reasons for evangelism, why God calls us to evangelize, and more. After discussion was done, we had the choice of 3 things - do contact evangelism, pray for the people doing contact evangelism, or to come up with another original gospel presentation. It shocked me how quickly I decided not to do contact evangelism. I've done it, informally (not through AIV) but even after so many years, I still don't feel ready. What's keeping me from sharing the gospel with strangers? Why am I so scared?

I think it comes down to the fact that I feel I don't know enough about God to answer people's questions, and I fear what they'll think of me. This just shows how little faith I have, and how little I trust God. I'm definitely still growing in both areas, but I think it really shows my lack of faith when I'm put to the test and I back down. I just felt very uncomfortable; like, this is what I'm called to do but I don't feel ready to do it. Sharing the gospel with friends and family is easy for me, but not with a person I don't know. Hmm.

Any thoughts?

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Donica said...

Hi Mel!
I love that you always write with such passion and conviction.