Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michigan Bucket List

So it finally dawned on me today that I'm leaving Michigan in almost exactly 2 months. For good. That is kind of scary, but it also reminded me that my time left is limited, and there's still so much I want to get done! So... I saw Spencer's list on Facebook of different places to go one last time, and I decided to make one too, just so I don't leave something out!


( ) Asian Legend. I know it's not the best, but I have some good memories there, and I would like to go, eat, and talk it up with the boss and his wife again. :)
( ) Bubble Island with Jerry, and with Betsy/Spencer/Sophia again (separately). Bubble Island is where Betsy/Spencer/Sophia and I spent most of Friday post-lgs freshmen year, often staying so late that we got kicked out (dang, we were crazy). Jerry and I had our first unofficial "date" there, so that place always holds good memories for me.
( ) Silvios. I heard they make good organic pizza. Never had it, though, so would love to try if anyone's up for it!
( ) The Broken Egg. Also heard this was good.
( ) Cafe Zola. I went there for my birthday and got a banana/nutella crepe for free - sooo good. They also have good coffee, and just cute decor in general! Would love to go back.
( ) Raja Rani - I heard they had good Indian food.

... any other suggestions? I feel like I've eaten at a lot of places already, but if there's anything that's good that I didn't mention, let me know!

Places to go:

( ) Sneak into the Michigan Big House when no one's there. Take pictures. :)
( ) North Campus Wave Field - I always heard this was cool; now that the weather is better, I want to see it!
( ) The Arb - I've actually only been there twice. Once during freshman year spring term, where Jerry took me on a picnic and we ate PB&J and watched the ducks swim in the river. It was really nice! I would like to go again.

... I also feel like I've been to most of the places on campus. But give me suggestions! There's probably still places I don't know about.

And of course... I want to see all of you guys/catch up before I leave. Look out for an email from me! :)

Can't believe 4 years has gone by so fast... it really does fly by.

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