Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Core Meeting

I know this is going to sound really silly to most of you... but after I left the transitional Core meeting yesterday... I cried on the way home.

Wow, right? Going into the meeting, I had thought I would feel relieved, and happy that I wouldn't have to go to long meetings and stuff anymore. However, as I was listening to Albert Ma give his last talk as president, and then being asked to pray for the new Core, I just felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. The last Core meeting for me, in a way, symbolized in my mind my time in AIV drawing to a close. 4 years. I've seen CCF as a freshman, been a small group leader, been to 3 Chapter Focus Weeks, been on Core... and now my time is almost over.

As we were leaving the room, Albert and I were like, "Man... I feel sad now." It was the strangest feeling. We then started talking about the very first Core meeting, when we took the bus up to where Sara was living at the time to eat Korean noodles and almond tofu and how we spent the whole day doing SWOT analysis for each ministry. So many memories. It was not an easy year, and there were definitely times when I complained or was really frustrated with Core and with AIV, but in the end... that doesn't even matter. All I could think about were the memories and all the fun times we had, and how amazed I was at how faithful God was in working through all of us, despite our weaknesses.

I was filled with a sense of deep sadness that my time serving on Core was over, but also a deep sense of gratitude for having taken part in serving in AIV. I will definitely miss it, though! (although I am also happy and looking forward to my Sunday evenings... :))

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Joyce said...

not silly at all! thanks for sharing.