Thursday, February 19, 2009

Off to Spring Break!

So I'm still at the Detroit Airport. I had a flight today at 1:05 to Chicago, and then 3:15 to Philly, but because of construction and other things, the flight to Chicago was pushed back to 2:45 (who knows if that ever came) and I missed my connecting flight. American Airlines put me on a flight to Philly on U.S. Airways, which means that I checked in twice and went through security twice. It doesn't seem too bad, but security was extra tight today, so going through security the first time took about 40 minutes (Jerry was already home by the time I got through!). I also had to go get my bag and recheck it, get a refund from AA, and ahhhh, it was just the worst flight experience I've had. I haven't even gotten on the plane yet, and it's just been a long and tiring day.

So tonight - UPenn, hopefully!

Here's my plan for the coming week:

Friday: Visit Columbia, see Linda and Ivan, hopefully. And maybe Sky, if she's free!
Saturday and Sunday: Tour Philly and UPenn
Monday - Friday: Orlando!

Hopefully this all works out and my next update will be in Philly! :)

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