Monday, February 9, 2009


2/8/09 - Knox Presbyterian Church for Jerry and Rudy's Baptisms

Jerry & Pastor Bob

Rudy & Pastor Bob


What an exciting day. Both of these guys came to Christ through AIV (CCF back then, for Jerry) and it was just amazing to be able to witness their proclamation of faith. :) I don't know Rudy's story as well, but I know Jerry's, and I know it took a LOT to get to this point. Not because he didn't want to (he did... and has wanted to for the longest time) but things like family got in the way. It was amazing to be there for his baptism, and my heart is full of praise and thankfulness for God and His faithfulness to all of us! Jerry's dad even came for the baptism... which, if you know his family background, is nothing short of a miracle. :) Praise God!

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Mei-Ling said...

Dear Mel,
Congratulations to Jerry. so glad to see such pictures. God Bless you.