Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed In...

What I saw this morning from my bed.

Woke up, had breakfast with Jerry, chilled and got ready to go out at around 11... never happened. We drove down the driveway and got stuck. Spent 40 minutes in the blizzarding cold trying to shovel his car out so we could drive it back into the driveway. His dad decided to take us out (Jerry had a dentist appointment) with his larger car, but it got stuck outside of their subdivision. Two kind strangers stopped to help us push the car out of the snow, and then Jerry and I made the long trek back while his dad drove the car home. It was freezing cold, but quite the adventure, I must say!

Afterwards - warming myself in front of a space heater. :)

Toes! Our feet were nearly frozen, despite wearing boots!

I've never been snowed in before, or seen so much snow in my life! It was almost up to my knees. It was kind of fun... except for the part where we spent 40 minutes shoveling Jerry's car out of the driveway. That was not so fun!


Anonymous said...

it was almost 1.5 feet of snow too!!!

Tiffany said...

I stayed inside the wholeee day :)