Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Wishlist

There's just a couple things on my list this year...

1) That I would be able to spend my birthday with my closest friends. :)
2) For my friends and family to be healthy and fed in God's word and seek Him continuously.
3) This book. I've heard great things about it and think it would be so good to read, since this is what I"m going into!
4) This Bible. As I dig deeper into God's word each day, I often find myself wanting to know more. Wanting to know more historical background, wanting more cross references, which my current Bible does not have.
5) It would be nice to have this camera bag, but that's more of an extravagance, and I can do without. :) It is on sale right now, but I can wait on this one.
6) The Apeture photo program for Macs. But I can also wait on this too.

Here's to turning 22 (soon!) and finishing my undergrad in a week. Crazyyyy. Thanksgiving entry to follow (I know, it's not Thanksgiving anymore, but I had a good entry I wanted to post but I'm not finished with it yet.). College is ending for me so soon...

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