Thursday, September 4, 2008

Working Out

I have been to the CCRB twice this week and did half an hour on the ellipticals each time. Man, working out requires a ton of discipline! I lived in Carriage last year too, across from the CCRB, but only went maybe... 3 times the whole year? I'm seeing progress this year. I'm thinking, it's my last year, and I'm so close to it... I really have no excuse for going to exercise.

Training physically requires discipline. But how about spiritually? We have our Bibles next to us almost 24/7, and yet, how often do we read them? As I was walking to the CCRB this morning, I thought about how hard it was to pull myself out of bed at 8:30 AM when I could sleep in until 1. The CCRB is so close to me, and I'm still reluctant to go. But I always feel terrific after a workout, and exercising makes me happy. What about reading the Bible? I know personally, it's so hard for me to sit down and have a quiet time, but everytime I do, God never disappoints. There's always so much to learn, something new to observe, and many lessons to re-learn again and again. Doing my quiet times takes a lot of discipline for me, but everytime I do get down to it and spend time in God's word, it's always worth my time. Even though physically I may not have anything to "show" for the half an hour/hour that I put into reading and reflecting, work is being done in my heart. Just like working out - I may not seem any different after it, but I feel healthier and I know my body is becoming stronger.

Just something God showed me today during my workout. :)

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