Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Jumble of Thoughts

Got a new layout. :) Love the girly-ness of it - black and pink! Anyway...

August 7th. 9 more days until I'm going back to Ann Arbor. Olympics start tomorrow - can't wait to watch swimming and gymnastics! Two of my favorite things to watch, besides ice skating. I think we're having a big reunion tomorrow at my grandma's house. Mahjong and cousins and grandparents - doesn't get any better than that!

I finished my 2000 piece puzzle last night. Pictures to come... it's the biggest puzzle I've done so far!

Applying to grad schools is so expensive. Each school needs an application fee, which varies from $50 - $100, at least, and then there's the GRE, which already cost $140 just to take, not to mention sending score reports, transcripts, and more. It's like applying to college all over again. I've been working on my personal statement, but it's hard to squeeze three years of self-development and changes into a single page. Maybe I just always write too much. That might be it. GRE studying has been going really slowly... I feel very unprepared.

Been working on some small group stuff these past couple days. Namely, putting people into small groups before NSO begins. I think this is the first time we've done this, so I'm hoping to goes well and that people are happy where they end up. I think that's something God is trying to teach me by putting me in this position as small group coordinator - that you simply can't please everyone and you shouldn't be trying to. Small groups, I've realized, are not all about just putting friends and roommates in the same one - people get way too comfortable, and there's no need for anyone to reach out, because they already have their comfort zones. Even so, I still feel like some people will not be happy in the end, but our mission is to reach out, isn't it? I just hope I can hold onto God's promises through this time, and to do what He wants me to do for the fellowship.

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