Thursday, August 7, 2008

GREs and Grad School

I took a GRE practice test this morning. Ended up with a 630 on Verbal (I only got 6 wrong, too. Yikes... I guess each question is worth more since there are less sections!) and a 540 on Math. Oh dear. Need to do some extra studying this whole month until the test day is here! It's been so long since I've studied for a standardized test. I think I make a lot of mistakes due to me not paying attention and not wanting to pay attention. It's not a good thing.

My dad and I were talking about grad schools and recommendation letters and everything that entails last night. He said if I could get a good scholarship to some school, he'll buy me a car, haha. But chances of that happening with my GPA and stuff... I'm not sure! I mean, my GPA is okay, but it's not excellent. I made honor roll once, but that's it. It really is a trying time of trusting in God's ultimate plan and where He wants me to end up. I have my hopes set on Michigan, but who knows. A lot can change in a year!

Today is Father's Day, in Taiwan (8/8/08 - 8/8 is always chosen because in Chinese, "ba ba" also means "father"). Olympics start tonight. We're driving to my grandparents' house tonight to celebrate with the family - all 16 of us, minus one cousin. It should be a good time. Tomorrow, we're celebrating with my other set of grandparents.

I've finished a rough list of small groups for next year. It's exciting to see how our fellowship has grown over the years! I remember each small group only having about 5 returning members my freshman year, and this year, each small group has at least 6-8! Crazy. I know this year will be a year of changes and healing, but I am looking forward to working with all the small group leaders and helpers and seeing God work through each and every one of them!

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Joyce said...

whoa - pretty background. :)

i'm excited for what you'll be doing in the future, melpan. keep us updated on grad school apps.

i remember when we only had 5 returning members for sg too. i wonder what aiv will be like this year?