Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Countdown: 2.5 Days

2.5 days before I'm on another plane back to Ann Arbor. I've done this so many times already; you'd think I'd be used to it by now. But I'm not really, not yet. It still feels weird to pack up all my things in my room, not knowing the next time I'll be back. It's been a fun summer, but I'm looking forward to school starting. Many things to look forward to this year!

1. Carriage 3 and new roomies. I'm sad that Sky and Shannon won't be in my apartment anymore - I really grew close to these girls this past year and they've really become some of my best friends at college, but now that we have that friendship, I'm certain it will continue throughout senior year. :) We have football tickets together and I'm sure they'll be coming over for food (hehe), so I'm sure we'll still hang out and everything. I'm excited to be living with Pearl and Grace and Donica, though - I've never really lived with anyone who's also from Taiwan, so that'll be a lot of fun! 

2. AIV. Being on Core has really changed the way I view leadership in the fellowship and the fellowship as a whole - in a good way! I think before, I took a lot of things for granted - as a freshman, I was being served by the upperclassmen, and even as a sophomore and junior, I didn't feel as if I was giving back a lot as a small group leader and then a small group helper. But now that I'm on Core, I'm really excited for all the new changes and vision we have for next year. We still have a lot to figure out and redistribute for next year, but I have faith that God will see it through and help our fellowship to grow in ways we would've never dreamed of! 

3. Applying to grad schools. Okay, maybe not looking forward to so much as being anxious about it... but I did receive emails back from all three people I asked to write my recommendations, and they're all willing to write one for me! That's one less thing for me to worry about, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. Now, just to finish the GRE and my personal statement (which is still in the making)... and then to do well senior year! Speaking of which...

4. Senior year classes! I'm taking 17 credits - but all of my classes are really interesting. I'm taking a psych class that focuses on culture and immigration, a human nutrition class, an environmental sustainability (with a chance to get certified in teaching it!) class, a photography class through the Residential College (hopefully I can get in), and mini-course in oceanography. I'm so excited for my classes!

Next year seems a little daunting, but I'm looking forward to it as well. :) Onward to senior year!

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