Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to the A Squared

So I'm back! My family and I got on the plane at 7:30 AM (which means we woke up at 4:30 AM... and our car was so full of luggage that my sister and I squeezed on one and a half seats and I had to lean against the luggage to keep it from falling) and arrived in Detroit at 11 AM, a whole hour earlier than expected. Going through customs was so easy this time - I've never gotten my luggage and come out in less than an hour! We waited for Jerry to get here, so he could take some luggage away, and I went with him to Carriage to drop off my suitcases and to say bye to Brian and say hi to everyone else there. :) It was really fun seeing everyone again!

Came back, slept for a couple hours, and then drove around campus with my family. I showed them my apartment, and we saw East Quad, where Tiff will be living this coming year. It was really cool. Then we went to Pacific Rim for a late dinner with Jerry, and Shannon got to meet my family because she was working tonight, and we got a sweet discount too! Got the salmon, seared tuna, and five-spice duck, along with crab cake for our appetizer and Thai iced tea.

Now we're just chilling at our hotel. Knox tomorrow, and then dinner with Jerry's parents! Our dads are golfing together in the morning - should be interesting!

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