Saturday, July 5, 2008

Generations of NEHS

I went to Victory Church today. Going to church at home always feels familiar - it feels like home. But anyway, we had brunch/lunch today with  a lot of NEHS friends and we noticed that we had 7 generations of NEHS all together at lunch. It was James from '01, Eric from '02, Jenny from '03, Christine from '04, me, Eunice, and Joyce from '05, James from '06, and Tiffany from '08. To have us all sitting at a table laughing and talking was just... so cool, for lack of a better word. :) I think when we were back in high school it was hard for us to talk to those in other grades, because there was always that mentality that upperclassmen didn't want to hang out with the lower graders and so on. But now that we're all in college (with the exception of Tiff, but she's going to be in college soon anyway), conversation flows pretty freely, and we talk about our lives, our plans for the future, and more. Tiff told me that after hanging out with us "old people" she realized that our conversations were indeed a lot more intellectual and deep. Apparently, we talk about "real life" rather than superficial stuff that she's grown so accustomed to. Kind of weird to think about, how we've all matured and grown...

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