Monday, July 21, 2008


(Me and Lucky, in 06)

If you read my post below, you know that Lucky was sick. He went into shock again shortly after I posted that entry, and this time, it was worse. He was shaking and wheezing as if he couldn't breathe, and I spent 5 minutes massaging his chest and back, praying the whole time that he wouldn't give up on me. We took him to the vet again, and this time left him with the vet, so he could be monitered and if it happened again, they could give him treatment immediately. I remember scratching his head and whispering, "Get better" to him before looking back a last time. I didn't know that was the last time I would see him alive.
Spent the whole day milling around, waiting for news. My mom just called me and told me Lucky had passed. I guess it didn't sink in, because when Jodi called, I told her the news but even she said to me, "It doesn't seem like it sunk in yet, did it?" Until my mom came home, I was in... denial, I guess? But when she got home... the tears came.

Lucky, you were a good dog. I'll always remember when we got you, my sis and I were so disappointed that Nai-nai had named you already. But we had good times with you - teaching you how to walk down stairs, going camping, taking daily walks, watching TV together with you snuggled against my tummy and lounging so I could scratch yours. I am blessed by having you as a pet - you always taught me that love is unconditional. You are greatly missed, and it will be hard to clean up your things; I saw your dog leash and bowl in our front yard and the tears came again. I will miss you for a long time, and will always have fond memories of you, but I know God took you away so you wouldn't suffer anymore. I was kind of annoyed that I didn't get an internship this summer, but now I'm thankful, because I got to see you and be with you before you left us. Rest in peace, Lucky. You'll always be the best dog ever. 


Donica said...


was Lucky a shih tzu?

jO.h said...

:( i'm so sorry, Mel. i remember Lucky--he was so sweet. he had a good life, and he was lucky to have had you there with him.