Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

From the moment I was born, I've been a daddy's girl. My dad insisted that he be the first one to bathe me, and from then on, there was a unique connection. My dad, although he's not Christian, gave me a taste of what God, our eternal Father's love, is like. We are very different - he, an engineer, and me, interested in kids and teaching. He doesn't talk too much, and I always talk his ear off about all the adventures I'm having in college. Sometimes we match, accidently! (see above picture) 

Despite all the differences, though, we are more similar than I know. My mom knows best. She sees how stubborn we both are and how we are driven to complete one goal before moving onto the next. How when we talk, we make the same gestures, how when we watch TV, we look the same too, and how we both get flushed after half a glass of wine. 

Some people would hate to be told, "You look so much like your dad!" but every time someone tells me that, I feel happy and proud. Not just because I look like him, but because I'm his. Just like how we feel when we realize that we are God's chosen sons and daughters, I'm my daddy's daughter, his little girl.  That's something that will never change, even after I move out of the house and start my own life. Even when I'm 40, I have a feeling my dad will still hug me from the side and say, "You haven't grown much this year!" and try to tell me that I'm shorter than I really am. And those are the moments that I cherish - all those inside jokes we share, the fact that he knows me inside and out, and loves me anyway. :)

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