Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Every Season

One of my favorite songs recently:

I think this song speaks so wonderfully to the fact that as humans, our feelings and heart are fickle. Our emotions swing wildly from joy to sorrow to anger and so on. Sometimes, we simply don't feel like worshipping God. Or even seeking Him.

I know there are times when reaching for my Bible is the last thing on my mind, and the last thing I want to do. There are times (more often than not) that I want to sleep in more rather than have a quiet time and pray.

But God has been reminding me these days that He is a God that does not change... He is always willingly and patiently waiting for us to turn back. Even when we forsake Him and forget His goodness day after day, He waits.

Just like how God has infinite patience for us, we are called to seek Him first, no matter what the season of life we find ourselves in. It's certainly a big challenge for me... but I have been learning a lot these days!

Hope this song speaks to you like it has spoken to me!

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