Sunday, May 9, 2010


I haven't blogged as much as I would've liked this year. Graduation was last Saturday. Graduated again, same place (Big House!), different degree, different friends to sit with. Amazing speaker (Obama!) and friends came out to support when parents could not be here. It was a whirlwind and crazy fun.

Jerry and I took our engagement photos last week. This month marks the fact that we've been engaged 5 months. I can still remember the day it happened, clear as if it was yesterday. Here's to 1 more year of waiting!!

Our friends Lily and Ryan got married yesterday. It was a beautiful, simple ceremony. What got to me most was how they looked at each other - it was apparent to us how much they loved each other and how far they have come. I couldn't be happier for them. It was also the first wedding where I was a second-shooter to Betsy! We were exhausted by the end, but so happy with the results. Pictures to come soon. :)

Life has been interesting with job searching. I have had 3 interviews so far, and right now, it's a waiting game. It's so hard being patient with God's will - what does He want for me and where does He want me? I keep telling God that I'll go where He leads - but will I really? What if He leads me somewhere where I'm not comfortable? Will I still be faithful?

3 more months of school, and then it's likely that I'll be saying goodbye to Ann Arbor... said bye to a few underclassmen friends today and already felt my heart hurting a little. It's going to be different living somewhere else for sure.

Lessons to learn...

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s.x.c said...

Leaving ann arbor was one of the most intimidating things ever.. it had become my home more than PA had ever been, but it's ended up being quite a blast getting to know somewhere new. Do you know where you're heading?