Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've gathered inspiration from this blog Grace sent to me: Thirty Bucks a Week.

It's challenged me to live simpler and make healtheir choices in the food I buy.

Today I went to the Farmer's Market in Kerrytown and gave myself a budget of $20 to spend. I spent around $14.

$5 - a bag of string beans, a bag of peppers, and a bag of brocolli
$2 - two large zucchini
$1 - a big head of garlic (and it smelled so strongly - unlike the garlic you get at a supermarket! Can't wait to try it!)
$3.89 - butter
$2.49 - a big bag of basil fettucini

Hopefully this will last me a week. I was pleased at how much I could buy with so little, and also happy to be supporting local farmers. It's also just so fun to walk among rows and rows of fresh veggies and fruits and pick out what you want! :)

Until next week!


tiff pan said...

haha wow that's great. i want to try that sometime. i spent so much at gwang nan today buying stationary. most of them are gifts though!!! i have two pairs of earrings for you.: )

thirtyaweek said...

Good luck and thanks for linking to us! If you're not going to use the butter all at once (and you have a lot), I suggest freezing it. It'll keep.