Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sorry for not updating in so long yet again...

ELMAC has pretty much taken over my life. I mean, I love it! But it's very time-consuming all around, and energy-draining, if that's a term. My schedule is a little hectic. I wake up everyday around 6:30, get ready, pack my lunch, get to my carpool at 7:15, drive to Plymouth, teach from 8-11:30 (help out, I mean - we're not lead teaching yet), lunch, class from 1-4, drive home to Ann Arbor, work 3 times a week, homework, sleep. That's pretty much my whole day, everyday from Monday to Friday. It's been really busy, but I love it, too. This is the 3rd week of teaching in the Summer Academy, and it really warms my heart - today reminded me of why I love what I do and why I do what I do.

It's the best feeling when your students finally get something you've been working with them on for days. It's the best feeling when you can help a student who is struggling understand what the teacher is saying. It's the best feeling when you can translate for a student who doesn't understand the language, and see the "click" in their minds. They finally get it. And that's the best feeling in the world. :)

I think back on all the teachers that I've had throughout my life, and a few significant ones stand out. I write about them often in my reflection papers, because they inspired me to learn, and to love learning, and ultimately, guided me down this path to teach others. I'm thankful that I get a chance to do what I love to do. :)

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Donica said...

wow, sounds awesome!! and so hectic!