Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grad School

School has officially started for me. :) This is day 3.

Orientation was on Monday - pretty interesting, got a lot of information and such. Yesterday was the first full day of class. Man, it was tough. It was long. I'm not used to being in 3 hour long classes. I don't think I ever had a class in undergrad that went the full three hours, but the time feels faster in this program. We have two classes per day, each 3 hours long, and an hour break for lunch (which is why I'm in the UGLI right now, printing out articles for class! I packed my printer somewhere... don't feel like digging it out). It's taking some getting used to, but everything is very interesting, and I'm enjoying the challenge.

I have 3 classes - one on literacy, one on literacy/management, and one on teaching mathematics. No surprise - the math class is the hardest one so far. There's a lot of logic involved, and that's something I'm not really good at. Doing the homework yesterday was rough, haha. :) But I got it done... hopefully the teacher just wants to see our reasoning!

Okay, I have to get going back to class. More updates later!

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