Friday, May 29, 2009

Long Overdue Post

I realized... I haven't updated this in ages! Thanks to Ann for the reminder. :) Anyway...

I've been home for the past... two weeks-ish? It's wonderful being back, after not being back for so long! Things haven't changed all too much, but in some ways, subtly, they have. My parents have gotten used to their "empty nest", but my mom says it's wonderful that Tiff and I are back so she can cook happily for four again. My dog is no longer here with us (sad...) but my dad says maybe we can go check out puppies at the pet shop and see if we find one we like. :) I permed my hair for the first time (curls!) and it's a lot more high maintenance than I usually like to be, but I'm getting used to it. I've been reading up on the ELMAC program and am SO excited to get started. I haven't been in school since December and started getting really restless and antsy in March... so you can imagine my excitement by now! Haven't done a ton of shopping, but I have raided my mom's closet for some more professional looking clothes for the coming year and came away with a ton. Used stuff is just as good, don't you think? :)

I've been doing my quiet times in the morning (trying to, anyway!) and have been working through Beth Moore's "Breaking Free". I got to the section where it's about being clay and God being the potter and how God knows best. I think this devotional has really been speaking to me and challenging me every single day to let my future rest in God's hands. He's brought me this far, and has been faithful every single time - I should have an easier and easier time trusting Him. But being home, with questions of my future job and my future with Jerry constantly being put on my mind, I have started to dream as well. I have so many dreams for my future job, my future family - whatever it is, I have a lot of dreams, haha. But I've been challenged daily through God's word and through this devotional to surrender. It's so hard, but I'm definitely learning.

Just came home from a family gathering for the Dragon Boat Festival. It was good seeing cousins and catching up with all the aunts and uncles. My aunt bought a house near my grandma, so we went there and played mahjong and ate way too much and watched some movies. My allergies are back, which sucks, because I don't get allergies much at all in the States!

3 more weeks at home - hoping to make the most of it! :)

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