Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prayer Room

Yesterday, Jerry and I braved the frigid cold and trekked to the University Lutheran Chapel to check out the prayer room. I had gone two years ago (my sophomore year) with my DPM, but didn't make it there at all last year (my fault) so I definitely wanted to go again.

It was amazing to be still in God's presence, as always, to listen to others softly praying and the music playing in the background. I spent a good half an hour looking at the prayer wall and writing my own prayers. It struck me how intimately some of the prayers written tied to my own heart. It was cool to recognize friends' handwriting and identify their prayers, and to pencil in "Amen!" next to those prayers that echoed my own. I spent a good portion of time with my eyes closed just sitting with God, speaking but also listening. It's been a while since I have been still before Him.

It also reminded me that stillness and quietness in God is something I really enjoy, and something that I can have and experience everyday, if I am intentional about it! It might be hard to find a completely quiet place in the midst of our busy lives, but it is possible. After leaving the room after an hour and a half (it felt like 5 minutes), we went to the Common Cup, which is the coffee shop on the ground floor of the church, and had a white cocoa drink. It was also 25% off since we had come from the prayer room. Tasty! :)

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