Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Exam Left

One exam left until I'm an official graduate of U of M. Wow! :)

So this past week has been quite eventful... first it was my twenty-second birthday. :) It was lots of fun, and a great time spent with people very dear to me. Photos are up on Facebook, but this one is one of my favorites:

Free sorbet after dinner at the Blue Nile - delicious. :) (thanks to Betsy for capturing the moment!)

Christmas party with Bursley/South Quad and a few others last night was crazy fun. I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time. :D Pictures will be up soon - thanks, guys, for a good time! We did white elephant... and I got Jon Go's gift - a new pair of nice slippers (they're really warm!)... and a suit jacket. A really nice one. Too bad I'm not a guy - I made Jerry try it on though, and it fits him. :)

So excited for the Following Christ 08 conference that's coming up in a few weeks! Urbana was pretty amazing last time, so I'm excited to see how Following Christ will be a follow-up to that and also a more specific one where we can network and pray about where God is calling us. Can't wait to meet up with old friends as well!

On a completely different note, I've been reading a lot of "going green" blogs. Since taking an environmental class and a human nutrition class this semester, I've been wanting to learn more about ways that we can improve the quality of the environment and our own lives and health as well. There's a lot of good ones out there. My favorite one is The Greenest Dollar. There's just so much information on how the little things that we use/do in our daily lives that we can change to help the environment. I don't know, ever since I was a little kid, I've always been really into recycling everything and really caring about the environment. I think when I was a kid, my favorite afternoon activity was to go into our backyard and dig up worms and rolypolies and snails and stuff, and keep them as pets. Yes, sounds gross, but it was fun. :) I've always enjoyed the outdoors (even though there's not much of a chance to do it in Michigan during the winter) and I think that's carried over into wanting to do more to help the world that we live in. After all, this is the world our children and their children will live in, right? What kind of world will they be born into?

So here are just a few of the cool things I've found this past week:

1) Nike Reuse a Shoe program - Nike collects old shoes, recycles them, and uses the material to pave tracks at schools, flooring in stadiums, or turns them into new shoes. Pretty cool resource for getting rid of those old, worn shoes that are too worn to be donated!
2) Gazelle - sell or donate your old electronics instead of having them gather dust in your garage/room. If you're not using it, why not get rid of it so someone else can use it? I'm sending them my old cell phone.

Those are the best ones I've found that you guys could all use, but I'll be posting more as I come across more stuff. :)

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Michelle Lacy said...

Hey Melissa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Im delighted for the Nike Reuse A Shoe call out - It IS an awesome program. We just relaunched the RAS website
where people can sign up to host their own mini drives. We've had almost 200 groups sign up since Oct. PEOPLE GET IT. Good luck and congratulations. Michelle Lacy, NIKE Community Relations Specialist.