Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Rain

Today was the hottest day of the year so far, I think. It was so hot that when I washed my face in the morning, the water was warm, even though the dial was turned towards "cold," and that when I opened the window the breeze was so hot that I couldn't breathe as well. It was one of those hot, muggy days where you just want to sit inside and read, or do anything, really, than go outside.

But God always reminds me of the simple lessons in life. Today's weather was comparable of that to the weather in a desert. But at about 5 PM, the rain came in. Pouring down as if it was coming down in buckets, the rain cooled off the hot earth in a mere few seconds. I went outside to dump the garbage, since the garbage truck had come, and even though I was holding an umbrella, rain was furiously coming down from every direction, leaving me looking as if I had taken a shower.

It was great. It was refreshing. Even though God sends us into the desert at times, He always brings the much-needed and healing rain.

Heal us, Lord. Heal Your land.

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Corentine said...

Keep up the good work.