Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First post

So... I'm testing out the new (well, not new, I've always heard about it but never used it) Blogger to see if I like it better than Xanga. Seems like no one really posts on Xanga anymore, so maybe I'll switch. But I'm not sure yet.

Junior year has been interesting. People always say that junior year is the year when you become upperclassmen and thus you become more "mature." Have I become more mature? I'm not sure. Looking back on this year, there has been definite growth. God has stretched me beyond my comfort zone so many times, and at times, I found myself crying out to Him for it all to stop, because I was so tired and I didn't want new lessons anymore. But as we know, God never gives us more than we can handle. When I look back on this year, on all the tears, the hard things, the hard conversations, broken friendships... all of these things were a first for me, and thus, so hard. However, I really thank God for these lessons now. He pushed me to speak up for myself, which was previously a very hard thing to do, and to tell someone when I was struggling - also something I had never wanted to do.

And blessings? There were many of those too. :) But that deserves a post all to itself, so I'll come back later.

We're on spring break! :)

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